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To qualify, a new applicant must

    1. Submit five (5) attested score cards of rounds played from the red tees on the Creekside Course within the prior six months with a score of seventy (70) or under on EACH card.
    2. Fill out an application form and submit both (a.) and (b.) together with a check for dues to the pro shop.
    3. Attend a new membership orientation.
    4. Having met the membership requirements, a temporary handicap will be established.

            New member dues include Niner's name pin and hole-in- one insurance.


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Captain's Corner

Niner’s Captain’s Corner Article - September 2015

As the year is beginning to settle down, it’s time to take a look back at all the events that have made this summer such a very good time.

The month of May set us on the path of being busy not only for our 30 weekly tournaments planned by hard working Susie Sockol and Laurie Krelle, but also for Team Play. The eight ladies who played here and at Round Hill, Marin, Sequoyah, and Crow Canyon represented us well and while Bev Meinbress was nursing her broken leg, Gerda Peterson did a wonderful job of both leading our players and leading all five of our teams as Team Play Director for our East Bay Division B. Marin came out on top and won the spot to represent all of us at the WNHGA playoffs, where they won again.

Eclectic, which had started the last day of April, having been organized by Charlene Gonzales and Jean O’Neill, continued once monthly throughout the summer and will finish it’s fun run next week with the announcement of the winners — always a surprise — at the October 15 General Meeting.

In June, Barbara May made certain that Match Play kicked in, and every Thursday that month was connected to Match Play in some regard. The big winners there were Sarah Buehrer who, well deserved, took home the Margaret Coffey Championship trophy and Mary Beth Hodge who was our medalist winner with a low net of 32! The other thirteen winners also must have been pleased with their good scores and were, as always, collectively awarded the largest Pro Shop credits given for any tournament of the year.




July saw a variety of events during our busiest month of the year. Karen Larkin helped us host the First Tee Girls, who are always adorable (and who usually have longer drives and better putting that we do). Then our biggest event of the year, Jamboree, supported by Berkshire Hathaway Realty, moved to the Dollar course and allowed us to invite twice the number of guests ever previously possible. Karen Wener lead that tournament brilliantly and it was a huge success and great fun. July fun didn’t stop there as we had another General Meeting including Match Play awards announcements, and we began our Tournament of Champions.

WHNGA’s search for a top North California Niner will be decided on October 6, and Joan Major made certain that we would be represented by our best players. Sarah Buehrer won our championship trophy and two others, Dorothy Pierce and Joan Latham, will accompany her to compete against all the other WNHGA TOC winners. We wish them well. For a switch away from competitive play, we thoroughly enjoyed Summer Scramble, planned for us by Myrna Murray and June Bedford. Played on a cool-warm-breezy summer day, it provided great fun for the full field that came out for it. In addition to the regular prizes, the Raffle sent five ladies home with some good cash and made a nice pot of money for our Corena Green donation — which helped us support five First Tee girls at the WNHGA Corena Green Tournament at Discovery Bay CC.



Closing out the summer rush was the lovely Guest Day, with a full field of ladies, including many guests from other clubs, joining us in a star and flower filled Event Center, all prepared by Mary Ann Garvey, Janet Jolly, and Carolyn Zaleski; and supported by Better Homes and Gardens Realty. What a fabulous finish to our summer so that we now may look forward to our last three events of the year; another General Meeting with 2016 elections, Eclectic winners and a clothing sale to resupply our closets with great looking golf attire; our crazy-fun Mad Hatter Tournament and our Holiday luncheon.

Hope to see all of you on the course this fall. It was so very nice to be at all the wonderful events these hard working ladies and their many helpers provided for us this summer.

Pat Baker, Captain, Rossmoor Niners


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