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To qualify, a new applicant must

    1. Submit five (5) attested score cards of rounds played from the red tees on the Creekside Course within the prior six months with a score of seventy (70) or under on EACH card.
    2. Fill out an application form and submit both (a.) and (b.) together with a check for dues to the pro shop.
    3. Attend a new membership orientation.
    4. Having met the membership requirements, a temporary handicap will be established.

            New member dues include Niner's name pin and hole-in- one insurance.


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  Existing Members   Renewal form

Check the Pro Shop 9er area for : Open Days and Invitational binder, Play Day's signup sheets, Upcoming Events Notices, Rules, Team Play and Marker signup sheets, Uniform Order Signup sheet

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Captain's Corner

Niner’s Captain’s Corner Article - May 2015

The Niners’ growing membership is showing up in increased attendance at all our events. Even though it was cold and rainy, last week 47 golfers came out to play. The average Thursday attendance this year, though, is closer to 55! And, the camaraderie among Niners is often noted. We are having FUN!

March saw the beginning of weekly Play Days along with our first General Meeting and the beginning of group lessons and seminars taught by the Pros. We settled into the 9:00 am start times along with the 18ers who soon moved up to 8:30 am start times, which helped both the Pros and us. Our Creekside Grill lunches became a regular event with an open table for about twelve available to us on the patio — sometimes under a heater!

April’s Spring Fling was moved back to the Fireside room, a reminder of the days before the Event Center opened. It was a great success with 130 for lunch — and, of course, the style show. Also, the Pros completed their group lessons, we had a couple of seminars on golf related items — Marking, and Team Play — and our fun Eclectic Tournament got underway.

This month, May, begins with opportunities for a limited number of Niners to be involved in the WNHGA Open Days, Team Play and also Invitationals.  All are good opportunities to enjoy the fine golf courses to which we have special access through our WNHGA membership.  




Match Play, our first of two individual competitive golf tournaments (on a more serious scale than our fun Thursday Play Day competitions) is coming up quickly in early June.  We return to a four day format plus a seminar taught by the Pros about the slightly differing rules and strategies for playing hole by hole, rather than competing on a full nine-hole total score.  Match play is one of the most fun tournaments, and hopefully many will choose to sign up for it.  Our great turnout for the Markers meeting should mean that some of the Match Play events will include having a marker accompany the players — you will feel like a Pro!

In July we will really ‘gear up’ with six special events. On July 4 and 13 — all clubs are invited to play, first for America’s birthday, then for our First Tee girls and boys. Our July Thursdays will include our largest tournament, Jamboree, this year played on the Dollar Course so you may invite guests — and enjoy the only opportunity to invite men to play with us.



Following that, we have our 2nd General Meeting including Match Play awards; then we host the First Tee Girls; and finally we have a TOC Seminar — to kick off our 2nd serious individual competitive tournament, our stroke play Club Championship Match.

August finds us settling down again, slightly, with our TOC played on three days, our fun Summer Scramble Tournament and luncheon, and our 4th Eclectic play day….a fitting finale to our summer’s wonderfully-hectic golf schedule.

Penny Ittner has done a terrific job of organizing and quickly communicating all the past and future information that we need to keep abreast of our very busy 2015 golf schedule. So enjoy a marvelous summer of golf on our fabulous Creekside and Dollar Courses by obtaining the latest information via this amazing website at and join in on everything!

Pat Baker, Captain


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