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Captain's Corner



A Rossmoor Women’s Nine Hole Golf Club $5 dues increase for 2015 was approved by the Rossmoor Niners Board on August 11, 2014 Board meeting.  Mary Jane Hargrove, Treasurer, recommended the following after a thorough review of our current finances and compiling an extensive 2015 Dues Worksheet.

The additional $5 dues will cover some of the increased costs of operations such as postage and printing as well as travel and/or food costs for subsidized events per the Niners Policies.  There are also new events and costs that were added in recent years:  updating Local Rules booklet, “Women’s 9 Hole Golf Club Annual Events”, First Tee Girls, Meet & Greet, and the cost of maintaining the Niners website at

The Niners had also been subsidizing the $3 WNHGA dues increase that was first applied to the WNHGA dues for 2012 from their surplus operating cash reserves for three years.  The Board had previously decided their cash reserves would no longer be able to subsidize the additional $3 effective with dues collected after January 1, 2014.







The 2015 dues for renewing Niners will be:  $73

The above total includes:

Rossmoor Niners Club dues:  $35

GHIN (Golf Handicap Index Number):  $25

WNHGA (Women’s Nine Hole Golf Association) dues:  $13

Renewal notices will go out to everyone by email (for those with no email, they will be sent to your home by US mail delivery).  Angela Logsdon, Membership Chairwoman, will deliver the notice on October 1, 2014 via the above.  Notice will also be posted on the Niners bulletin board, Rossmoor News and website.

Thank you for your attention to this important notification. 

Fran McDonnell
Captain Rossmoor Niners

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